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If you register on our forums and use a different name than your toon you need to make a post stating whom you are ingame if you dont I will just kick you from forums and you wont get credit for registering, which may get you kicked from the guild once your 30 day trial is up. Using your toons name when registering will save alot of head aches.

Dear Misifits,

If you wish it, you can support your Guild forum and Ventrilo by doing a donation, and become an major part of this guild.
All your donations will guarantee the continuity and the quality of this forum and ventrilo.

Your Guild Master.
Use this link Ventrilo Client Download and download the client. To log into our vent server here is the info. Hostname or IP =
Port number = 3810
Password = gambit.

Apply to CM here - Application for CM

Tonight CM on our first attemt at Bloodwrought Enclave we Took down all three Heros. Yet Blood is now on just for farming.
Then we went to Bilerot Burrow where on our first try a week ago yeah didnt get anywere fast. Tonight we took out all three heros.
Bartholomeus the Sickly Dead
Second Guy Ssrydian Morbidae not worth talking about gimp!
Then there was the Bile lord took a bunch of attemts each one getting further and further then this happened Bile Lord DEAD!!! Grats to all the loot winners and we now know what to expect from this dungeon.