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 About appling to CM [READ FIRST]

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About appling to CM [READ FIRST] Empty
PostSubject: About appling to CM [READ FIRST]   About appling to CM [READ FIRST] I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 13, 2009 3:00 pm

We are currently looking for members of all careers and lvl's. If you are interested in applying for acceptance into the guild, (you will need to follow the steps listed on the applicants page. Keep in mind just cause you fall short of 20 doesnt meen you wont get in that is just set as what we are looking for in general.)
Also we are a family guild that plans on doing everything an elite guild can do. But we dont want to be called an elite guild because that means we dont have the family bond. We want people to know us as a Great Guild that gets stuff done and takes care of business. Without all the hardcore manditory crap. We all help eachother out and for that we all get what we need to get done.

New Members Policy: All new recruits will go through a mandatory 30-day probationary period. If during the designated probationary period an applicant breaks any of the rules listed in this charter they will be immediately disbanded from the guild. After the probationary program time period has expired the guild leader and officers will review the applicant for full membership into the guild. And then will be put up for a vote to the members.

About appling to CM [READ FIRST] Daeganewsig2
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About appling to CM [READ FIRST]
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